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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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"EA Games funded initial Denuvo anti-tamper technology"

896 days ago

EA Games may have funded the initial development of Denuvo, the anti-tamper technology used in the latest blockbuster games to prevent players from utilizing illegitimate copies to play the games. The anti-tamper technology has been used in all the ..

Mirror's Edge Catalyst to be available five days early for Origin Access users

909 days ago

EA Dice has announced that Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be available for play five days before the launch of the game for Origin Access users. The game will be part of EA's Play First Trials program that allows players to try out a game for 6 hours be..

EA Dice launches Mirror's Edge Catalyst map viewer

910 days ago

EA Dice has launched a map viewer website for the studio's upcoming title Mirror's Edge Catalyst. The website uses relatively new HTML5 canvas techniques to render the map in 3D in minimalistic Mirror's Edge styling, allowing players to freely move t..


New exclusive Mirror's Edge Catalyst screenshots show open-world environment

940 days ago

New exclusive Mirror's Edge Catalyst screenshots show the open-world environment of the game. Unlike Mirror's Edge, the first title in the franchise, the game features a fully open-world setting, giving players total freedom of movement in between th..

Mirror's Edge Catalyst delayed, now scheduled to release June 7th

942 days ago

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the second game in the franchise, has been delayed. The developer, EA Dice, cites additional polishment as the main reason for the delay. The game is said to be utilizing a new technology called Social Play, a social platform ..

Mirror's Edge Catalyst PC system requirements reveal 16GB RAM recommended

943 days ago

Mirror's Edge Catalyst developer EA Dice has revealed the recommended system specifications for the game earlier this week. The developer recommends PC players to play the game on a machine that houses a whopping 16 gigabytes of RAM and preferably a ..

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There are no Mirror's Edge Catalyst videos available yet.

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