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Guestwriting is edited by a group of journalists that has been working in the video games industry for nearly two decades. Our contacts in the industry allow us to report news reliably and accurately.

Interested in writing with us? Awesome! On this page you will find some guidelines to help you on your way to getting your article published on our website.

What are we looking for?
We receive hundreds of guestwriting requests every month, ranging from internet marketers to gaming enthusiasts. Here's what we're looking for, so you don't end up wasting your time.

1. News articles, features or reviews that relate to the topics that we cover on our website. We cover gaming news for all major platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

2. For news articles, stick to facts and try to get the point across in 250 words or less. News articles may be longer in length if there is a good reason for it.

3. For feature articles, try to support your opinions and arguments with clear examples in such a way that there is no room for different interpretations.

4. For news articles, include links to trustworthy sources, images and videos. If you don't have related images editorial will make sure your article looks beautiful.

5. We're looking for content that is worthwhile to read. We're not interested in fluff or articles on milked franchises such as Call of Duty or Guitar Hero, unless it is actually newsworthy.

6. We're looking for journalists that submit multiple pieces, not writers who wish to get their articles published on as many websites as possible nor writers who only submit one article.

7. We're looking for journalists first and gamers second. You consider writing about video games to be more rewarding than just playing them.

8. We're looking for journalists with strong social and communication skills. We use Discord text chat and voip on an hourly basis to discuss articles and manage our backlogs, so getting familiarized with these tools is essential.

While we do have editors who review submissions, we still prefer high quality content. Before you submit your content, have friends or colleagues (that includes us! 🙂) read or edit it to prevent grammar mistakes or poor writing.

1. Your content must be original, meaning that it may not include text that is directly copied from other websites. You may check out what competitors are doing but then try to find your own angle.

2. Your content may not include advertisements or promotional images to draw attention to the author or an unrelated third party product.

3. You must work with a default one week lead time. This may change depending on the type of article if agreed upon in writing by both parties.

When writing your article be sure to only make use of the most basic markup. Your content may be displayed on a wide range of devices that may or may not be capable of rendering certain markup elements. We have a basic style guide to get you started.

1. If applicable, the first paragraph of your article should give a short summary.

2. Do not use bold or italic font styling or font coloring.

3. If applicable, the last paragraph should give readers an indication of a product's release date.

4. Only link to trustworthy sources if it is necessary. Articles containing unnecessary links will not be published.

How we work
We use Discord text chat and voip on an hourly basis to discuss articles and manage our backlogs. These communication channels are private and this usually results in more casual conversations and discussions. Press releases are sent to our editorial team and are added to our backlogs to cover. All articles are filed via our proprietary systems. Editors will proofread articles and make adjustments if they think it better matches our existing content. Once articles are checked they enter the queue ready for publication.

Once your content has been edited and approved it will be shared with our community. We will create an author page to properly credit content authors for which we may require the following information.

1. Your full name.

2. Your address. (will not be published)

3. Your e-mail address.

4. A short bio of 50 words or less.

5. A photo of yourself. (optional)

6. The location of your personal website or social media account. (optional)

By submitting your content, you grant us the exclusive right for this content for one week following publication. After the one week expires, we retain a non-exclusive right to host the content in perpetuity, and you (the author) retain the copyright and the freedom to re-publish the content elsewhere, with the request that it be noted the content first appeared on our website with a link to the content.

We may at any given time, without notification, terminate your guestwriting position. Unless specifically agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties, you will not receive financial rewards for your submitted content. We're looking for journalists who are passionate about video games and who are not primarily into writing for monetary gains.

If more than 50% of your submitted content has to be changed in any way during the editing process you will not receive byline credit. If we already have an article filed on a specific subject your submission will not be published.

Your benefits
1. Contribute to one of the fastest growing video games news websites in the world.

2. Give back to the community by serving our readers the latest video games content.

3. If applicable, receive copies of products to review.

4. Your byline above or below published content along with your full name, short bio, photo and link to your website.

5. Your own author page that displays all published content along with your full name, short bio, photo and link to your website.

Contact us
Please contact us using the information that is available on our contact page.
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