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Indie adventure game RiME to ditch Denuvo anti-piracy technology after game gets cracked in just five days

597 days ago

Indie development studio Tequila Works has announced that it will be removing the anti-piracy software Denuvo from their adventure game RiME following the release of a crack for the game. Before the release of the game, many gamers complained about ..


New RiME developer dairy video gives insight in the game's development process

620 days ago

Tequila Works has released a new developer dairy video for the upcoming indie game RiME. The game is expected to launch later this month. Rime tells the story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive, and ultimately escape from, a mys..


Tequila Works confirms multiplatform release of indie title Rime, coming to all major platforms this May

746 days ago

Tequila Works has confirmed that the indie adventure game Rime will be releasing for all major platforms this May. The game was rumoured to become multiplatform when rating authorities released ratings for multiple platforms. The indie adventure gam..


Indie adventure game Rime likely to also release on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

766 days ago

The indie adventure game Rime will most likely also be available for PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when it launches in 2017. The game was announced as PlayStation 4 exclusive title in 2013. The indie game will most likely be coming to the other p..

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