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Indie point-and-click adventure game Neofeud's shine is shaded by bugs

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 16:00 BST
Review: Indie point-and-click adventure game Neofeud's shine is shaded by bugs
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 - 16:00 BST

Indie title Neofeud is a great point-and-click adventure game, but several bugs prevent it from unleashing its full potential. The game releases on Steam for PC and Linux later today.

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Neofeud is developed and published by the indie game development studio Silver Spook Games consisting of just a single employee: Christian Miller, a writer, artist, and game developer based in Hawaii.

The game is said to offer roughly 15 hours of gameplay, point and click detective work and hand-painted graphics combined with an interesting story and soundtrack.

Graphics and Sound Design

This "Blade Runner-esque" adventure game is hand-painted and overall it looks pretty good.

The characters are not the most realistic-looking models but they are shaded quite well. On the other hand, the model's expressions and various environments in the game were fantastic. The way characters show their facial expressions are very believable and are extremely satisfying to see.

The environments may not always be well-drawn but they are filled with color and variety. Every section of the game has a different type of area to explore, although you may have to backtrack every once in a while if you have missed something.

The futuristic score complemented the gameplay handsomely. The sound design excels when it kicks up during intense moments, giving the players a sense of urgency during times they have to react.


Neofeud is your typical point-and-click adventure game with mysteries to solve, errands to run and sometimes enemies to kill. There are also a few puzzles to solve which are pretty fun and somewhat easy to figure out as long as you pay attention.

However, some puzzles are not quite clear and players will end up dying on a few particular parts of the game, namely the arcade scene.

There are also quite a few bugs in this game, some of which can be considered game-breaking.

During my review I was able to put my character on a menu which I was unable to exit from. Players can also erase their save by saving while in the title screen which literally saves the player's progress in the title screen itself.
Review: Indie point-and-click adventure game Neofeud's shine is shaded by bugs


Despite these issues, the writing is pretty solid. I love talking to its diverse cast of characters and all are voiced by decent voice actors. Voiced characters in many types of RPGs and adventure games are becoming increasingly rare, especially in smaller indie titles.

There are about a million references in Neofeud whether it is from fiction, non-fiction, video games, and pop culture. It can be pretentious at times with its political tones and can even be a bit predictable at times.

However, in my opinion, it is best not to take the story too seriously and focus more on its characters and sometimes funny dialogue.


Neofeud is a decent experience overall. The colorful environments and its voiced characters are its major selling points. However, bugs and average story sour the experience.

That being said, the game was developed by just a single indie developer, which is quite impressive and should be accounted for, and the $14.99 price tag makes it an interesting deal for those who are looking for games in this niche genre.
PC, Linux
The good
Environments feature color and variety
Many references to fiction, non-fiction, video games, and pop culture
Good soundtrack
Interesting story and decent voice-overs
The bad
Some puzzles are not quite clear
Various bugs hinder gameplay
Out of 10


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About the author

Blynn Beltran
Journalist at based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also runs a blog about miniatures and other related things.


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