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Amazon Germany lists incorrect prices for Nintendo Switch console
Tuesday January 24th 2017 - 20:40 GMT
Amazon Germany lists incorrect prices for Nintendo Switch console
Tuesday 24 January 2017 - 20:40 GMT

Over the past three days gamers who have pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch via the German version of Amazon, Amazon Deutschland, have noticed that the retailer is listing incorrect price tags for Nintendo's latest handheld console.

In the early morning hours of Monday January 23rd 2017 the price for the new console dropped to just €178,50 - a 50% discount from the normal €329,00 price.
Just mere hours after gamers inquired about the sudden change in price the retailer changed the price back to €329,00 but a day later the retailer dropped the price of several bundles again.

On social media gamers are wondering if the listed prices are correct, even stating that some of the retailer's support employees confirmed the legitimacy of the lower prices.

In a statement the retailer acknowledges that the price drops are false but it did not want to comment on why it keeps dropping the price of the console. It is likely that the company lists fake prices to beat competitor retailers on price index websites.

As a result of the practise the retailer may be seeing more hardware sales because of the additional pre-orders that it is receiving from gamers who expect to acquire the upcoming console for the drastically reduced price.

The retailer states that the price may continue to change until the console actually launches on March 3rd 2017 because it is dependent on the prices of its suppliers.

The Nintendo Switch console has been sold out on the retailer's website since January 14th 2017 but every few days it unlocks the product for additional pre-orders to be submitted.
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Journalist and Software Developer at Moonlight Multimedia. He covers the latest video games news from indie to virtual reality and has been actively involved in the video games industry since the early 2000s.

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