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Team Meat announces Super Meat Boy Forever for all major platforms
Super Meat Boy Forever
Thursday August 31st 2017 - 19:50 BST
Team Meat announces Super Meat Boy Forever for all major platforms
Thursday 31 August 2017 - 19:50 BST

Development team Team Meat has announced Super Meat Boy Forever for all major platforms. The game will release in 2018.

The new game is said to be the direct sequel to the original Super Meat Boy that released in 2010.
In the game Meat Boy and Bandage Girl always run through the levels, even when not touching controls. They can attack enemies, jump, jump attack, dive, and slide to make their way through various levels.

The levels included in the game will be dynamically generated based on a set of restrictions set by the game's development team to ensure the game creates interesting and engaging worlds. This is done by selecting from a randomly generated pool of chunks categorized by difficulty.

In the new game Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have a little baby named Nugget. Dr Fetus has kidnapped Nugget, forcing Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to rescue her.

Super Meat Boy Forever will release before the summer of 2018 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.
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82 days ago
This comment has been removed. @: Awesome! cant wait for this game, i loved part 1 (uhh, technically 2)
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