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Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions often asked about our premium subscription service.

Why do you have a premium subscription service?
Despite our love and passion to report on video games, journalism has a cost associated with it that is often overlooked. We spend thousands of hours a year reporting stories and without funding that work is impossible. Instead of relying on donation and funding services like Patreon, we believe that we can provide a better experience with our own integrated subscription service.

Without a subscription service, balancing quality with the need to pay the bills is very difficult. Our only other options are raising venture capital, publishing sponsored content that could tarnish our reputation and journalistic integrity, and online advertising. At the time of writing, none of these options provide sufficient support for us.
What do I get with a premium subscription?
Those who support us with a subscription get full access to our entire archive, including all premium articles, the ability to share all premium articles with friends so that they can read free of charge, and browsing without any ads on both our website and in our mobile apps. is editorially independent. Our journalism is free from commercial bias and is neither influenced nor funded by game publishers or other third parties. Consider supporting our independent journalists by becoming a subscriber to get unrestricted access to all content and features.

Every contribution we receive goes directly into funding our journalism to ensure we can continue doing what we do best.
How is your reporting different from other press?
The articles we publish are our take on the latest. We carefully research and filter product releases, product updates, press releases, announcements and more to ensure that the articles we do publish are of high quality and high relevancy to match the expectations of our readers. Unlike other outlets, we do not have a daily minimum amount of articles that we need to push out to satisfy advertisers and that greatly improves the quality of our reporting.

Simply put, we focus on the most important events in the industry in ways others do not. Staying up to date through us means never missing those important events without having to filter through countless filler and clickbait stories. This is the news we think you can't miss and actually want to read.

This doesn't mean we are able to cover literally everything that we feel is important. After all, our reporting is still a careful balance between funding and quality in order to sustain our operation. However, contributions can significantly help us scale up to deliver high quality content more frequently.

We believe our premium package offers a level of convenience other outlets do not provide bundled together with ad-free browsing and several other benefits at a price that allows us to continue our work.
What is a premium article?
Premium articles can be news, opinions, features and more. The full version of these articles are available exclusively for logged-in premium users because we strive to offer them more content.

This extra content is funded by subscribers, without whom this work would not be possible. Non-premium users can read the first two paragraphs of these articles. Some premium articles are metered, allowing readers to get a taste of our premium content. Free access to metered premium articles is limited to 3 articles.
Can I make a donation instead of purchasing a subscription?
Absolutely! We greatly appreciate any amount you can spare. You can donate via the donate page. Please note that we can't provide premium subscriptions based on the donations you send our way.
Why can't I just "pay" by disabling my Ad Blocker software?
At the end of the day, we are a business, and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to survive. While in the early 2000s online advertising was a worthwhile method for sustaining that business, nowadays online advertising revenue has sharply declined because of its oversaturation: banner ads are everywhere.

Online advertising now relies on millions of views and hundreds of clicks to generate any meaningful amount of revenue. This powers clickbait and lack-luster viral stories that do not provide insight or depth.

From the beginning, it has been our goal to report on video games without clickbait and without intentionally producing viral stories. This means that online advertising is not sufficient to sustain our day-to-day operation.
I have another question that is not listed here. How can I reach you?
You can ask any other question by using the contact form that is available on our contact page. Our team is available around the clock to answer your questions or help you with subscription issues.
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