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Quake Champions PC system specifications leak online
Quake Champions
Thursday April 6th 2017 - 12:11 BST
Quake Champions PC system specifications leak online
Thursday 6 April 2017 - 12:11 BST

The PC system specifications for the closed beta test of Quake Champions have been leaked online. The specifications were taken from the game's closed beta tab accessible via the game's launcher and subsequently posted on Twitter by various obscure accounts.

Both the minimum and recommended PC system specifications were leaked and indicate that the developers of the game aim to have it run on most modern systems.
The system specifications list that players will need a Nvidia GeForce GTX 630 or higher or AMD Radeon HD R7 240 or higher and an Intel Core i3 530 at 2.9 GHz or higher to play the game.

Invitations for the first closed beta test for the game have already been sent out earlier today and the closed beta test is scheduled to start later today. The closed beta test will run for 4 days as it starts on April 6th 2017 at 10:00AM EDT and ends on April 9th 2017 at 16:00PM EDT.

Whether leaking PC system specifications is a violation of the game's Beta Agreement is unknown but it does state that players are not allowed to stream, capture video, or discuss the game outside of a special closed beta forum.

Because the game is still in a closed beta testing phase the leaked information is not expected to represent the system specifications for the retail version of the game, though it does give players a rough estimate.

Earlier today Bethesda also released the first unedited Quake Champions gameplay footage that showcases the iconic fast-paced Quake gameplay featured in the game.

The game is currently in development for PC and is expected to be released later this year. A console version has not been announced but is likely to follow after the game's launch on the PC.

System specifications

  Minimum specifications Recommended specifications
Processor (Intel) Core i3 530 @ 2.9 GHz Core i5 3330 @ 2.7 GHz
RAM memory 4 GB 8 GB
GPU (Intel) HD 4600 -
GPU (Nvidia) GeForce GTX 630 GeForce GTX 670 2 GB
GPU (AMD) Radeon R7 240 1 GB -
OS Windows 7 64 bit SP2 Windows 7 64 bit SP2
HDD 50 GB 50 GB
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