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Crowfall developers showcase graphics overhaul and new skill systems in new videos
Tuesday May 16th 2017 - 19:25 BST
Crowfall developers showcase graphics overhaul and new skill systems in new videos
Tuesday 16 May 2017 - 19:25 BST

The development team behind the upcoming MMORPG game Crowfall has released two new videos for the game. The videos focus on new skill systems and a major graphics overhaul.

The newly released videos are part of a reveal that was first teased last week when the development team behind the game announced it would be revealing big changes.
The first major chance is a tweaked skill system that replaces the initial archetype system. With the new skill system races and classes are separate, meaning that players will be able to mix and match races and classes as they see fit instead of being forced to use a certain race to play the class of their choice.

The new skill system will also feature several hundred disciplines that will allow players to further tweak the skills that are available by selecting specific Weapon Disciplines, Minor Disciplines and Major Disciplines.

The other major change is a major graphics overhaul that radically changes the way the environment, characters and skill effects look in-game because of a new lighting system.

This new lighting system gives the game's developers more control over the lighting of the game's environment, resulting in more subtle shadows, more crisp and colorful point lights, a vibrant sun and more foreboding dark of night. It also powers new atmospheric effects such as snow, rain, day and night cycle and fog.

Crowfall has been in development since March 2015 and is expected to launch sometime later this year exclusively for PC.
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