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Tokyo Game Show 2016 bans virtual reality groping game
Friday September 16th 2016 - 14:09 BST
Source: Reuters
Tokyo Game Show 2016 bans virtual reality groping game
Friday 16 September 2016 - 14:09 BST

The event organizers of Tokyo Game Show have banned a virtual reality groping game from being shown in its showfloor. Reuters reported earlier today.

The virtual reality game that was banned by the Tokyo Game Show event organizers is being developed by M2 Co.
In the game players interact with a virtual female character via a virtual reality headset for visuals and via a mannequin doll for physical touching.

The event organizers told game developer M2 Co. to stop visitors from fondling the dummy's breasts, which with built-in sensors promoted the virtual character to move accordingly.

According to the game developer the demo was supposed to demonstrate technology that allowed flat pictures to be turn into real 3D images.

Several event-goers were able to try out the demo before the ban was imposed, with several attendees commenting on the demo stating that "in the near future it will be possible to fall in love with a virtual girl.".

Tokyo Game Show 2016 is the first gaming convention where virtual reality is taking the spotlight at an unprecedented level because many Japanese game developers focus on delivering new virtual reality experiences.
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