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Multiplayer mode for virtual reality space exploration game Detached now available
Friday September 1st 2017 - 17:44 BST
Multiplayer mode for virtual reality space exploration game Detached now available
Friday 1 September 2017 - 17:44 BST

Indie developement studio Anshar Studios has released the multiplayer update for the virtual reality space exploration game Detached.

In Detached players are trapped in an abandoned space station. They must race against borrowed time to find their crew before their oxygen supply runs out.
As they solve puzzles to open airlocks, locate power cores and disable transmitters, players will realize they won't be alone when they finally escape into the universe's deep infinity.

In the new multiplayer mode players will be able to experience the first new Race game mode that will test their determination and ability to control an advanced EVA suit.

The multiplayer component of the game features community ranking leaderboards and a lobby system to easily join up with friends. Aside from the new Race game mode several other game modes are expected to be announced at a later date.

The Detached multiplayer update is now available via Steam as a free title update. The game supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR virtual reality headsets.
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