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[Liveblog] Hackers well underway in cracking Grand Theft Auto V preload archives to play early
Grand Theft Auto V
Friday August 23rd 2013 - 12:55 BST
[Liveblog] Hackers well underway in cracking Grand Theft Auto V preload archives to play early
Friday 23 August 2013 - 12:55 BST

As the files for Grand Theft Auto V have appeared on Playstation Network as preload yesterday hackers and other fans are well underway in analysing the inner file formats of the game. Early reports state that the necessary files to run the game are there though various steps are required to run the game.

First of all several files are still encrypted and a key is required to decrypt them in order to use them, keys are published when the game is actually released. Some hackers are working on bruteforce methods to obtain the key, others are patching files or building custom firmwares to bypass several key limitations.

Second of all extraction of assets such as theme songs, artwork and others is virtually impossible as Rockstar Games has used their new RPF7 format to encrypt all game archives, a key is required to decrypt those archives.

Thus far none of the methods have resulted in actual gameplay though perhaps it won't be long until we can see some real gameplay footage that eventually makes it way to the internet.

12:06 GMT Attempts to run with the custom firmware 'miralatijera' are said to return the error 80010009, which is oddly enough relating to bluetooth headsets.

12:56 GMT A high quality menu theme is now available on our YouTube channel. Bear in mind that it is currently not known if this is the final menu theme or if it will be replaced by a new theme on the launch date.

17:25 GMT A video has been uploaded onto YouTube showcasing the ability to launch the game after which the error 80010017 is displayed, supposedly relating to incorrect RIF files.

19:55 GMT The audio of radio stations has been found playable, livestream available here was available there.

20:17 GMT The radiostations in Grand Theft Auto V feature a whopping 35 hours of music/commercials.

20:30 GMT Links to livestreams have been removed as further streaming audio serves no journalistic purpose.

20:32 GMT On a personal note, arguably the best song in Grand Theft Auto V to date.

20:38 GMT There are segments of Weazel News, making a return from Grand Theft Auto IV.

20:40 GMT We have received the first, unconfirmed, reports of the game being fully playable.

20:43 GMT Initial reports of a fully playable game have been debunked.

21:04 GMT Another song is Heartbeat by Don Johnson.

21:06 GMT And another is I don't care anymore by Phil Collins.

21:08 GMT And yet another is Night Moves by Bob Seger.

21:14 GMT Miami Horror is also in with their track Sometimes.

21:37 GMT Reports are coming in that Sony has supposedly taken down the preload archives of the game, currently still unconfirmed.

23:16 GMT Preload archives are no longer available through the old CDN server, PSN users are however unaffected.

05:22 GMT We have put together a document which contains a list of all so far discovered tracks and radio stations from GTAV here.

08:36 GMT PS3 users can now no longer preload Grand Theft Auto V from the European PSN store. Sony has taken down the necessary files to do so.

10:13 GMT A possible main theme song or loading theme song has been found and is available on our YouTube channel. Please note that the images used in this video are merely and solely used as slideshow and do not reflect a loading screen or animated menu background.

10:41 GMT Rockstar Games has indirectly commented on the preload shenanigans stating that any comments regarding the PSN archives posted on their website before September 17th will result in a ban.

11:04 GMT The PR team of Rockstar Games has woken up and is hopelessly trying to remove content from Ustream, YouTube, SoundCloud and other services.

13:00 GMT
Take-Two Interactive has taken down the video of the rumored main theme or loading theme.

15:55 GMT A russian Grand Theft Auto modder has spoken out regarding the possiblities of playing early in an interview with Rockstar Informer.

17:12 GMT Reports are coming in that Rockstar Games has asked various GTA fan sites to take down all recent material, mostly the audio files which include major story spoilers. Though we have yet to receive said request.

06:43 GMT Rockstar Games announced that GTAV has officially gone gold.

9:40 GMT Hackers have gained access to ingame TV commercial material.

9:41 GMT Liveblog has ended, follow the frontpage for more news or follow us on Twitter.
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